Sunday, October 19, 2008

Welcome - First Time Post!!

Welcome to Big Ideas for Little Printers. My hope is that this blog develops into a great resource for parents looking to find fun, easy and engaging activities and ideas for your little ones.

Most of the ideas posted on the site will focus on early literacy and provide you with ways to incorporate language either spoken, read, or written for and by your little ones.

This blog is a natural extension of my company, The Little Stamp Co., which creates personalized stamps for kids to stamp, trace and learn to print. The stamps are customized with a large connect the dots font combined with funky ink colours so little printers can stamp their names on colouring pages, artwork, thank you and birthday cards and more - no more boring worksheets!

The idea for Little Stamp Company ( developed when my daughter, now almost 6, was 3 years old. She was keen to learn how to spell and print her name. I was continually 'printing’ her name, Mackenzie, in dots so she could trace the letters. It repeatedly took a long time to “dot” Mackenzie’s name so I thought – why not create a fun stamp? I searched and searched for a suitable stamp and eventually the concept of our 'Signature' stamp was born. Now, Mackenzie's younger brother, Kian, is proudly learning to print with his own 'Signature' stamp too!

I look forward to sharing ideas with you, and welcome any early literacy tips and strategies you use with your kids that you'd like to share :)

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