Monday, October 20, 2008

Now I know my ABC's...

So what comes next? Your son or daughter has mastered singing the song - what else can you do to familiarize them with the letters of the alphabet?

Using something as non-threatening and familiar as their names is a great way to get children to make that move from letters in a song to words on paper. Understanding concepts like letters and words is a big leap for some pre-schoolers and kindergarteners. By utilizing their names parents and educators can introduce a variety of literacy concepts to children in fun, imaginative and interactive ways.

Here are some ideas that I've tried with my kids...

- play "I Spy" looking for letters from their name on signs, books, products, toys while in the car or waiting at the doctor's office, while shopping, in line at the grocery store, etc.

- Sing songs with the child's name. I.e. Replacing BINGO with KATIE, longer or shorter names require a bit of creativity in your singing cadence! Any name in a nursery rhyme can be replaced with your child's (Matthew be nimble, Matthew be quick, Matthew jump over the candle stick)

- Incorporate your child's name into silly songs or fun poems

I have a friend whose name is _____
And we have fun together.
We laugh and play and sing all day
in any kind of weather.
(color) is my hair. (color) are my eyes.
I'm _____ years old and just the right size.
My name is _____ and as you can see I'm very happy to be me.
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