Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Drivin' around in my automobile

Ever feel like you spend alot of time in the car with your little ones? Driving older ones here and there, running errands, taking them to classes, you know the drill. I know I've spent alot of time in the car when I'm humming the Wiggles as I make dinner - yikes!

Rather than popping on that high tech DVD player to satisfy the boredom of the five point harness, here are some fun and easy games to play in the car with our little learners.

1. Pick a letter and see if they can count how many "A's" (for example) they can see on signs as you drive.

2. Have them try to find the letters of their name, or any other word, on license plates. Remember that one as a kid?

3. Guess the password - give rhyming clues so your child can guess the right word. "It rhymes with can, and starts with the 'fff' sound.

4. Recite favourite nursery rhymes together, have them do the actions (keep your hands on the wheel Mom!).

5. Make silly changes to rhymes they already know - Row, Row, Row your car, gently down the street.....

These ideas can also be used on days when we're not guzzlin' the gas; on neighbourhood walks, on the bus, in the mall; at the doctor's office.

Maybe the next time you're stuck in a traffic jam, your little one will be a bit more tolerant with these helpful hints :)

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