Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Encouraging Preschool Writing Skills - the Fun Way!

What child doesn't like to get their hands into things... well, okay there are some kids who hold their hands in the air and say 'Ick' when they get messy. But many young ones are tactile learners and love to play and discover various textures and mediums.

My son isn't too interested in sitting down with workbooks, or flashcards to learn his letters. You kind of have to 'trick' him into learning - basically learning through play, not a terribly new concept, but sometimes we all need a little help figuring out creative and fun ways to do things.

Instead of sitting down at the kitchen table, drawing out letters and asking 'What's this letter?', we have been using lots of different methods to discover letters - here's some of them.

- sand in a box to write letters
- playdoh or plasticine to form letters, cookie dough works too!
- yarn or string to make letters
- glitter or sprinkles to trace letters
- placing megablocks/ lego together to form letters

I'd love to add to this list - if you have any great tactile ways of introducing letters to your children, please post it here.

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